24 Hr. B-Movie Marathon – All the Trailers

Here are all the trailers for our 2016 24-hour B-Movie Marathon. Watch our antics live on 7/22 at http://www.bmoviemarathon.com. How’d we do with our picks? Tells us on your social medias by using #24BMovie!


I Am Here….Now

Q the Winged Serpent

Death Spa

Killer In The Dark


Orgy Of The Dead

A Car’s Life 2

Horrors of Spider Island



Ice Pirates

Dangerous Men

Voyage of the Rock Aliens


Flash Gordon



It’s the 3rd Annual B-Movie Marathon!

It’s that time of year again, folks. On June 12th we are going to lock ourselves in a room and marinade our brains in 24 hours of B-movie madness. Will we survive? What will the room smell like after 24 hours? Check out the film list below as well as details on how you can join us! Personally I’m looking forward to Samurai Cop and Miami Connection and I’m TERRIFIED of Little Bigfoot.


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