They Change You Until…

I created another image this week based on a haiku I wrote for the Cthulhu Haiku 2 anthology by Popcorn Press (psst- the book is $0.99 on kindle btw). The photo is from a basement in downtown Aurora. I heard rumors this area flooded so who knows what may have found its way in from the river…

They change you until 2

Here’s the image I created last week in case you missed it. Don’t open a book with a cover like this, mkay? Who do you think you are, Ash Williams?

The Runes in this book

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Adventures at Windycon 42

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Hello Ten Wing flock! Last weekend at Windycon 42 we held our most successful convention screening of Citizen in the Temple. The excellent con staff gave us a ballroom and an hour to show the movie and hold a Q&A. If you’re reading this and you were there, thanks again! It was very encouraging to hear the comments. We loved making this movie and we look forward to further building The World of Eolan. As I mentioned in the Q&A, The World of Eolan is now a setting chapter in Lester Smith’s D6xD6 roleplaying game. You can check out the core book on drivethrurpg here or the Eolan setting chapter here.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 12.20.44 PM

It still surprises me that we don’t see more filmmakers at cons. Our art requires visual artists, sculptors, costume designers, prop builders and writers. They’re all at conventions and the enthusiasm and willingness to discuss ideas is always really high. So if you’re a filmmaker and you’re reading this, hit up a sci-fi con and enjoy.

Overall, Windycon was super productive. Chad Burns and I worked on a script (details must remain a mystery for now) and had a great development meeting with a well-known author. Again, details must remain a mystery. I know, it’s all so vague! I’m sorry! I’ll just say we’re busy in the best way possible and now I have to get back to it. Thanks for reading.


Citizen in the Temple Sound Mix: DONE.

That’s right. The sound mix for Citizen in the Temple is complete. It’s really exciting to think how a film that has taken around 3 years is within days of being done. I just need to drop in the last few vfx shots tonight. In terms of the DePaul MFA, my committee will need to review it then I can begin setting up screenings and start shipping this thing around. The plan is to send it to festivals for awhile before releasing it on youtube. 2015 should be a very busy year. The role-playing game version will be out early next year also. You can check out more on that at Lester Smith’s d6xd6 site. The list and quality of contributors on this project is amazing. How about some pictures? These were taken last night at Columbia. Gotta run. It’s potluck time. Thanks for reading!

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Victory! CORE RPG Attached to Citizen in the Temple Surpasses $11K

When it rains it pours. In addition to working with industrial music legend, Chris Connelly, on a new song for Citizen in the Temple, the CORE RPG Kickstarter ended with almost 500 backers and $11,456.00. What does that mean? It means Citizen in the Temple is for sure going to be part of this upcoming role-playing book. I’m working over the next month to prepare the chapter that will allow you to enter the World of Eolan and play on your own. Oh…Eolan is the world where Citizen in the Temple takes place. Writing this has been great fun so far. If you missed out on the Kickstarter and you like the look of the game (with over 30 authors attached, 30 different worlds) you can still preorder the book until the end of August.

Lester Smith, the mastermind behind the game, held a Kickstarter countdown party where he interviewed yours truly and other contributors. If you want to see good ole Jason Huls talk about Citizen in the Temple, writing the game, John Carpenter, love…and life…watch yonder excerpt below.

Thanks for reading. Should have plenty of updates as we go!

Citizen in the Temple: The Film, The RPG

Hello hello! I’ve been very busy lately. With what? I’m glad you asked.


Awesome CORE rpg cover.

Lester Smith, a veteran game designer, has launched a kickstarter campaign for his new CORE role-playing system. This is a genre-spanning rules set with over 30 contributing world authors. Guess what? My Citizen in the Temple project is slated to be one of the worlds!

As of this moment the campaign has earned enough to unlock the first stretch goal. That means backers get the rules, three setting chapters PLUS four fantasy settings. Citizen in the Temple is part of the sci-fi pack, which is the next stretch goal. With a bit more funding it will become part of the book. Wanna help me get there? There are 16 days to go.

If you’re a gamer, I implore you to check out the page. There’s a lot of value and a ridiculous amount of talent going into this. I’m honored to even be a part of it. A lot of the settings are based on books so if you find something you like, there’s probably a novel you can pick up. If you click this link right here, you’ll see the Citizen in the Temple entry on the CORE home page and the amazing list of other authors who are involved. Now let’s game!

Ideally, the game and film will be released around the same time toward the end of this year. I appreciate the patience and ongoing enthusiasm from the backers of the movie. What can I say? Post production takes a long time for sci-fi films. It’s all looking stellar though and I can’t wait to get it out there. In case you stumbled upon this post and aren’t familiar with Citizen in the Temple, here’s the trailer…

There’s another big development coming regarding Citizen in the Temple but I can’t talk about it yet. Tease tease! Soon I will tell you all my secrets!

If you have any questions about the game or the movie, feel free to comment. Please check out the kickstarter and let me know what you think. Contribute if you can. Share it and I will love you. Thanks for reading this and I’ll catch you next time!

New Images from Citizen in the Temple

What is the status of Citizen in the Temple, you ask? Right now the post audio team is gearing up to create a sound library for the film. We’re working on designing the heads up displays that will appear on various info screens and ship consoles throughout the film. There is an extremely talented artist working on that. I’ll post some pictures when I can. The eye-popping digital matte paintings are coming in from Scott Richard. This one is not quite finished, but wow… I always get excited when I see a new email from Scott.


Right now we’re in that post phase where the tech wizards do what they do to make the world come alive. Soon I am going to schedule a shoot with a handful of extras. We have to put some people in these digital shots. Interested?

Other notes:
The Drone is played last weekend at the Tri-Cities International Fantastic Film Festival out in Richland, Washington and we were proud to be a part of that.

Our Veritae video for What Lies Beneath has passed 3,000 views on TenWingTV and Flora Simon’s Le Deran Alookh video is almost there as well. Thank you to those who shared it and please feel free to continue!

Without Charity, the documentary from Paul G. Lyzun is still rolling. I’m a producer on this project. Recently Paul sent out a copy of the rough cut to the man convicted of the triple homicide. We’re waiting to see if he’ll sit down for an interview. 

Beyond the Basement Door, our Lovecraftian short film, is being submitted to festivals and conventions now. I’m also looking to set up a few showings in the Chicagoland area. More info to come! I can’t wait to unveil this one. It stars Steve Christopher, Daniel Roebuck (LOST, The Fugitive), Richard Pryor Jr. and Brenna Roth!


In a few weeks I am going to have a handful of haikus published in a really cool book: Cthulhu Haiku and other Mythos Madness. If you like horror, especially the Lovecraftian breed, you should take a look. Here is the Kickstarter page. I think the publisher has a really cool take on the state of poetry in our pre-singularity, post-op world. Plus Lester Smith is a GIANT in the RPGiverse. This is his baby.

That’s about it for now. As a further call to action may I request that you share the Citizen in the Temple Facebook page with your friends? We’re trying to build the audience for this ambitious project and you, yes YOU can be a great help!

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