4th Annual B-Movie Marathon!

Winged serpents take flight and David Carradines rise to fight them. Science experiments go awry and create giant insects. Saunas murder innocent spa patrons. The only way those three sentences make sense is if it’s time for our annual B-Movie Marathon! Once again we will lock ourselves up in a cinematic asylum and cuddle up with the beautiful mutants of the B-movie kingdom. Paul Brooks (B-movie name Pyro Pablo) did a fantastic job on the graphic design for this. Soak it in and join us on 7/22/16 if you dare!

What looks the most painful? What looks the most amazing? Let’s chat in the comments, shall we?


And meet the gang…

Crew blog

What have we done?


Damp leaves, red and gold…

To keep the fun rolling, here’s another photo / haiku combo I came up with. The photo was taken near Lake Ladonna in Oregon, IL. How about a Dark Tower inspired Tuesday?

damp leaves red and gold

Want to see the other haiku images I made? Click this. Thanks for watching!

They Change You Until…

I created another image this week based on a haiku I wrote for the Cthulhu Haiku 2 anthology by Popcorn Press (psst- the book is $0.99 on kindle btw). The photo is from a basement in downtown Aurora. I heard rumors this area flooded so who knows what may have found its way in from the river…

They change you until 2

Here’s the image I created last week in case you missed it. Don’t open a book with a cover like this, mkay? Who do you think you are, Ash Williams?

The Runes in this book

Thanks for watching!

Tuesday Haiku

Here’s a little something I whipped up awhile back for Lester Smith’s anthology, Cthulhu Haiku 2. Are you scared?

The Runes in this book.jpg

What else? I just finished up a new short, horror story called Fresh from the Vine. Getting ready to send it out for publication sooo…productive day! Thanks for stopping by.

Acen. Free Stuff. Happy.

I’ve been plastering all over social media that Beyond the Basement Door won “Best Independent Film or Short” at the ThreeIfBySpace.net awards. I am honored. Three If By Space, The Lovecraft Ezine and the HPL Film Festival facebook page have raised a lot of awareness and generated a lot of traffic for the movie and for that I am super appreciative. We shot BTBD a couple years ago and it had a good run in some festivals and conventions. Time to give it to the world on youtube.

The main location, a house in Central IL, is no longer there. Was it simply removed to make way for a new home or something more…sinister?


Abruptly switching topics, Paul Lyzun’s documentary, Without Charity, is now streaming free too! You should check that out. It’s about a triple homicide that occurred in Indiana. Very hard hitting. I was fortunate to be a producer on this project.

Without Charity (Full Film)

Lastly, let’s talk about The Con Men. We recently launched a facebook page for it. Wanna follow? I dare you. We’re very pleased with the reception we’ve gotten for the first four episodes. We’ll keep on it. Where are we going next? ACEN. Look out!

The grindstone is calling my nose. Gotta get back to it. Thanks for reading this.

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