Citizen in the Temple – Cast


Jennon Ril  
By day, Jennon is a scientist in the city of Nok Tiris. He is tasked with finding ways to preserve life on the dying planet. He is a good citizen. Secretly, however, Jennon is a member of The Shepherd’s Way, an underground rebel organization that seeks to topple the all-powerful Consortium and bring about a new, more liberated way of life for the people. He is smart, cunning, and much more than The Consortium expects. Jennon is a man with many secrets and the lives of many depend on him keeping them.


Actor: Jacob Alexander
Alexander-_Jennon-Online.jpg.scaled500This is Jacob’s third production with Ten Wing Films. After spending some time studying Meisner in New York City, he is excited to be back in Chicago working on this project. Jacob is currently cast in Shattered Globe Theatre’s production of ORPHEUS DESCENDING by Tenessee Williams. He is a Chicago native and became fascinated with acting after taking a drama class in high school. Jacob has been involved with Citizen In The Temple since its conception. He feels very fortunate to be amongst such a talented group of people.

Templar Ceres  
Templar Ceres is an experienced inquisitor who loves his job. He is powerful, smart, and dangerous. Templars are part law enforcement, part mad scientist, and dedicated to preserving order in the city. They are feared by all. Through bio-experimentation, Ceres has a parasite growing down the length of his arm that allows him to link to a suspect’s mind. Once he’s inside, he does what he pleases. Ceres is suspicious of almost everyone. Though merciless, he sees himself as fair. These are difficult times and everyone must play by the rules or the fragile society will crumble.

Actor: Jay Disney
Jay Disney worked on many films including THE DARK KNIGHT as well as television shows such as Patrick Swayze’s final series THE BEAST on A&E. He appeared in the Guthrie’s production of THREE SISTERS that included Oscar-winning Frances McDormand as Irina and Oscar-nominated Mary McDonnell (DANCES WITH WOLVES) as Natasha. The author of two cookbooks (LET THERE BE LITE ! and THE MIDDLE PATH), Jay has appeared on THE FOOD NETWORK and LIFETIME Channel. Also, he is a classically trained pianist, and has worked as a dialectician, and translator of plays/screenplays (from French into English). Jay is on the SAG Chicago Branch Council. He’s delighted to be a part of Citizen in the Temple!

Kaiya (Ki-yuh)
Kaiya is an exotic, tribal, warrior woman from the wastelands outside the city. She is also Jennon’s lover. Kaiya and her people use a combination of found technology, hide and bone to survive in the extremely harsh climate. She works with The Shepherd’s Way to overthrow The Consortium and bring about a better life for her people. She is wild, travel worn, and will do anything to survive.

Actress: Lana Smithner 
Lana Smithner has studied acting in New York and London and graduated with a degree in theater from Bates College in 2010. Originally from Maine, Lana is exploring life in Chicago and is elated to be working on Citizen in the Temple. Chicago credits include Anne Page in The Merry Wives of Windsor (The Arc Theater), Lady Macbeth in Macbeth (Roundhouse) and Maura in Scared Shitless! (Blatant Testimony).

Templar T’Maril (Ta-Mair-ill)

T’Maril is Ceres’ pupil, an acolyte among the Templars. She is cold and calculating, traits that were reinforced by the Templar training she began as a child. She is an enthusiastic student, and pleased to have a hand in the destruction of the rebels. She displays the utmost loyalty to The Temple and her Consortium masters.

Actress: Kaylee Williams
Born and raised in suburban Chicago, IL, Kaylee Williams introduced to the world of acting in high school when a friend suggested she try out for the school play. She moved from theater to the world of film when she auditioned for her first independent film, landed the lead role and was hooked. Kaylee trained in karate as a child and still has a deep interest in martial arts. On set, stunt work quickly became an avid interest. In between projects, Kaylee trains with a stunt group in Chicago, specializing in combat. Best known for her roles in the films “Slices of Life” and “Zombie Babies”, she is quickly making her mark in the world of indie horror but is very interested in branching off into the sci-fi, action and fantasy genres as well. She has an interest in charity work and donates her time and money to several different charities and organizations, including the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA), the USO, The Heart of a Marine Foundation, and the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Valkir (Val-kur)
Valkir is an enforcer drone sent with T’Maril to thwart the rebels. Each drone is created to perform a task. Enforcers are the Special Forces among drones. He is strong and programmed with a full compliment of combat abilities. When Valkir is tasked with a job, he will complete it or die trying. He is the strong silent type. Emotionless.

Actor: Chad Burns
This is Chad’s first production with Ten Wing Films but he is no stranger to Chicago film-making. Chad is also a principle in an independent studio. Originally from south Louisiana, he earned a theater degree and then put it to good use for almost a decade traveling the world as a solider. He is quite the renaissance man, equally at ease in either a spacesuit or medieval armor. An eclectic autodidact, he is excited to have the opportunity to play in the fascinating world of Citizen in the Temple. 

Arles is a steampunk techie, a member of The Shepherds Way rebels, and Jennon’s loyal friend. He’s a big man, rough around the edges, and constantly covered in grime. Arles is more comfortable with a welder than a rifle. He sees himself as the father figure to Patz and Syrna. He maintains repairs on the group’s hideout. Arles has been idling for too long and is anxious to move forward with plans to overthrow The Consortium.
Actor: John Crosthwaite

John Crosthwaite is originally from Northern California. He is currently in the MFA in Acting program at DePaul  University’s “The Theatre School”. John has worked on many independent film and television shows such as “I Almost Got Away With It” (Discovery Channel), “Mark Twain: Adventures in the Holy Land” (History Channel),  “Karma” (Thousand Lights/Telugu America) and “Cabras” (Polonia pictures).  John is a certified Actor Combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors and has a passion of the combative/ martial arts. He is also a former company member of ComedySportz Sacramento and former Artistic Director of “The Rats in the Alley”- an improv and sketch comedy troupe.  John currently performs regularly in Chicago with “The Cook County Regulars” a long form improv comedy troupe.

Patz is a young man who has joined The Shepherd’s Way rebels. He looks like a peasant with a rifle. He is a picture of youth that has no business being near war. Patz is a guard at the group’s hideout.

Actor: Mikey Renan
Mikey Renan was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. After four years of attending Northwestern University and enduring the brutal Chicago winters, Mikey has returned home to pursue his TV/ Film dreams in Hollywood. Previous stage credits include Horatio (Hamlet) and Alex DeLarge (A Clockwork Orange). As for previous film credits, he is grateful to say that Citizen is his first film appearance. Mikey’s future stage credits can be found in the future.

Syrna (Sir-na)
Syrna is a young member of rebels, a vagabond appearing starved and awkward holding a weapon. Syrna is a guard at the group’s hideout.

Actress: Junella Gabriel

The Eye Doctor
Actor: Wendel Millstead

High Templar Lothryn

The judges in Jennon’s trial at the Temple. A shadowy, stone-like figure that exudes cold authority.

The Afflicted

The afflicted are failed templar bio-experiments, mutants that dwell in the caverns and corridors beneath the Temple. Much of their existence is spent in darkness. If there is a place that is more feared than the Temple, it’s beneath the temple, and these denizens are the reason why. Ceres shows Jennon what they look like in a vision. He sees them stalking and assaulting Kaiya.


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