Man Woman Movie Season 2

Howdy! A quick update on our Man Woman Movie podcast…

There will be more. Hey, we’re busy people but we’re going start working on a second season in the next week or so. In the meantime here are the movies we covered in season 1. Have you heard them all? You can find Man Woman Movie on iTunes, YouTube or wherever podcasts are found! Or go to the Ten Wing Media page where we have all the episodes plus some fun extras. Woohoo!






Man Woman Movie Ep. 3.5 – From Cobra to The Danish Girl & Listener Email

Man Woman Movie iTunes LogoIt’s time for the first Man Woman Movie minisode! In this quick shot Erin and I mash up the films from our first three episodes and give a movie pitch to our listeners… or Hollywood execs…because they are totally listening. Find out what happens when you put From Justin to Kelly, Cobra and The Danish Girl into a blender! We also answer some listener emails. Oh you didn’t know we took listener emails? Send us something at We’ll leave the light on for ya!

Here’s how to listen:
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New Podcast: Man Woman Movie

MWM banner

Recently my wife, Erin, and I started a podcast where we take turns picking movies and no matter what that movie is, we both watch it and review it. It’s called Man Woman Movie and the title is based on a survival show I heard about, Man Woman Wild.  When we began, our baby was 4 months old and the rumors are true- they take a lot of time and care! We decided to start the podcast as a fun way to stay creative and do something together at home. With my web show, The Con Men, on the back burner for now, the podcast helps to let off some of that steam that builds up when you have too many ideas in your head and no way to get them out.

Man Woman Movie is available on iTunes, Google Play (and the services they support) as well as Soundcloud. I hope you’ll check it out. We have a lot of fun doing this and we’re going to offer a wide range of movies.  If you’ve already given us a like on Facebook, thanks! We’d appreciate any positive feedback or rating since it helps our ranking on the various services. If you have any thoughts or film suggestions you can comment here, hit us up on the Facebook or email us at

What movies have we picked so far? The first two episodes are out. Erin chose the first film- From Justin to Kelly. It’s a horror film starring the American Idol people. Ok, it’s not a horror film per se but it should be labeled as such. I struck back in episode 2 by choosing Cobra. Stallone! Boom! Testosterone! Kapow! The podcast is bi-weekly, meaning our next episode (again Erin’s pick) will be released this Monday, August 1. It’s very different than either of the previous films.

Ok, I have to go let the dogs out and prepare a bottle for the kiddo. Thanks for reading this!

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Alternate Universe: A-Movie Marathon

We’ve been hosting a B-Movie Marathon for 4 years running. Somewhere in an alternate universe other versions of ourselves are celebrating a Hollywood fueled A-movie marathon. What are those clones watching? Let’s find out. Here are the picks…

The Rock
Full Metal Jacket
The Big Lebowski

The Nice Guys
High Strung
Annie Hall
Guardians of the Galaxy

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
The Frighteners
The Lost Boys
Pitch Black

Wizard of Oz
Roman Holiday
Pulp Fiction

And there you have it! Instead, we’re watching these movies.

City In Your Eyes Music Video with Chris Connelly

Amazon ad
Howdy folks! I have a bit of cool news. Citizen in the Temple, is now on Amazon Video Direct
It’s a great new platform for content creators. Here’s what it means:

– Rent: $1.99
– Buy: $4.99
– Prime Members: FREE!

Yup. It’s totally free for all you Primers. And now a favor, I must ask. Stream it! We get a small amount per minute streamed and it helps with our overall ranking. Comments are big for us too so if you see the movie or have seen it in the past and you’re so inclined, please leave us a positive comment. Your influence can have a big impact on Amazon in terms of how successful the movie is and how many other people discover it. Of course if you simply must have a DVD with extras we have them in our store

Welcome to Nok Tiris
An additional cool thing: Chris Connelly (Revolting Cocks / Ministry / Sons of the Silent Age) sang the final song for Citizen in the Temple. It’s called “City in Your Eyes.” The music was skillfully crafted by my friend Petter Wahlback. I cut together studio footage with movie clips. Enjoy!

If you’re a content creator and you have questions about the new Amazon Video Direct service, feel free to comment here or drop me a line at Thanks for reading this!


24 Hr. B-Movie Marathon – All the Trailers

Here are all the trailers for our 2016 24-hour B-Movie Marathon. Watch our antics live on 7/22 at How’d we do with our picks? Tells us on your social medias by using #24BMovie!


I Am Here….Now

Q the Winged Serpent

Death Spa

Killer In The Dark


Orgy Of The Dead

A Car’s Life 2

Horrors of Spider Island



Ice Pirates

Dangerous Men

Voyage of the Rock Aliens


Flash Gordon


4th Annual B-Movie Marathon!

Winged serpents take flight and David Carradines rise to fight them. Science experiments go awry and create giant insects. Saunas murder innocent spa patrons. The only way those three sentences make sense is if it’s time for our annual B-Movie Marathon! Once again we will lock ourselves up in a cinematic asylum and cuddle up with the beautiful mutants of the B-movie kingdom. Paul Brooks (B-movie name Pyro Pablo) did a fantastic job on the graphic design for this. Soak it in and join us on 7/22/16 if you dare!

What looks the most painful? What looks the most amazing? Let’s chat in the comments, shall we?


And meet the gang…

Crew blog

What have we done?

Tuesday Haiku

Here’s a little something I whipped up awhile back for Lester Smith’s anthology, Cthulhu Haiku 2. Are you scared?

The Runes in this book.jpg

What else? I just finished up a new short, horror story called Fresh from the Vine. Getting ready to send it out for publication sooo…productive day! Thanks for stopping by.

Published! The Yakobi Island Artifact (flash fiction)

Hello Internetland! Recently I had a short story published in Protodimension Magazine, a “fanzine devoted to the wonderfully creative world of conspiracy horror role playing.” It’s called The Yakobi Island Artifact. Wanna check it out? I posted the page here with the publisher’s permission. If you’re into the horror gaming, I suggest you check out their magazine. It’s free and has a lot of resources. Hope you enjoy…

Yakobi Island

Speaking of writing and publishing, Popcorn Press recently launched the kickstarter for Halloween Haiku 2 and Other Hauntings. This is their 6th annual volume of scary poetry and short fiction. I love the past issues. Check out the details here. Until next time, my friends. Thanks for reading this.

Victory! CORE RPG Attached to Citizen in the Temple Surpasses $11K

When it rains it pours. In addition to working with industrial music legend, Chris Connelly, on a new song for Citizen in the Temple, the CORE RPG Kickstarter ended with almost 500 backers and $11,456.00. What does that mean? It means Citizen in the Temple is for sure going to be part of this upcoming role-playing book. I’m working over the next month to prepare the chapter that will allow you to enter the World of Eolan and play on your own. Oh…Eolan is the world where Citizen in the Temple takes place. Writing this has been great fun so far. If you missed out on the Kickstarter and you like the look of the game (with over 30 authors attached, 30 different worlds) you can still preorder the book until the end of August.

Lester Smith, the mastermind behind the game, held a Kickstarter countdown party where he interviewed yours truly and other contributors. If you want to see good ole Jason Huls talk about Citizen in the Temple, writing the game, John Carpenter, love…and life…watch yonder excerpt below.

Thanks for reading. Should have plenty of updates as we go!

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