Man Woman Movie Season 2

Howdy! A quick update on our Man Woman Movie podcast…

There will be more. Hey, we’re busy people but we’re going start working on a second season in the next week or so. In the meantime here are the movies we covered in season 1. Have you heard them all? You can find Man Woman Movie on iTunes, YouTube or wherever podcasts are found! Or go to the Ten Wing Media page where we have all the episodes plus some fun extras. Woohoo!






Man Woman Movie Ep. 3.5 – From Cobra to The Danish Girl & Listener Email

Man Woman Movie iTunes LogoIt’s time for the first Man Woman Movie minisode! In this quick shot Erin and I mash up the films from our first three episodes and give a movie pitch to our listeners… or Hollywood execs…because they are totally listening. Find out what happens when you put From Justin to Kelly, Cobra and The Danish Girl into a blender! We also answer some listener emails. Oh you didn’t know we took listener emails? Send us something at We’ll leave the light on for ya!

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New Podcast: Man Woman Movie

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Recently my wife, Erin, and I started a podcast where we take turns picking movies and no matter what that movie is, we both watch it and review it. It’s called Man Woman Movie and the title is based on a survival show I heard about, Man Woman Wild.  When we began, our baby was 4 months old and the rumors are true- they take a lot of time and care! We decided to start the podcast as a fun way to stay creative and do something together at home. With my web show, The Con Men, on the back burner for now, the podcast helps to let off some of that steam that builds up when you have too many ideas in your head and no way to get them out.

Man Woman Movie is available on iTunes, Google Play (and the services they support) as well as Soundcloud. I hope you’ll check it out. We have a lot of fun doing this and we’re going to offer a wide range of movies.  If you’ve already given us a like on Facebook, thanks! We’d appreciate any positive feedback or rating since it helps our ranking on the various services. If you have any thoughts or film suggestions you can comment here, hit us up on the Facebook or email us at

What movies have we picked so far? The first two episodes are out. Erin chose the first film- From Justin to Kelly. It’s a horror film starring the American Idol people. Ok, it’s not a horror film per se but it should be labeled as such. I struck back in episode 2 by choosing Cobra. Stallone! Boom! Testosterone! Kapow! The podcast is bi-weekly, meaning our next episode (again Erin’s pick) will be released this Monday, August 1. It’s very different than either of the previous films.

Ok, I have to go let the dogs out and prepare a bottle for the kiddo. Thanks for reading this!

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