New Interview: Citizen in the Temple


Check it out! I was interviewed by Film Buzz out in Utah about Citizen in the Temple. The interviewer made it to FilmQuest where the movie recently screened. I got to talk about making the movie, The World of Eolan and the plan is going forward.

Click right here for that interview!

Speaking of festivals, Citizen in the Temple has shown up at a few. It’s playing in the film program at the upcoming 73rd Annual Science Fiction Convention / Sasquan August 19-23, 2015. Wish I could get out to Spokane. I’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest and I feel like it’s something I should do. You may or may not remember The Drone played at the 70th World Con in 2012. Citizen also won “Best Special Effects” at the 2015 Indie Incubator Film Festival here in Chicago. That’s a big gold star to Ken Hertlein (practical fx), Scott Richard (matte artist) and Michael Fernandez (visual effects).

Until next time. Thanks for reading this!


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