Director Statement & A Cartoon Called Blackstar

Now that Citizen in the Temple is complete and my M.F.A. diploma is in hand (woohoo!) I’m turning my attention to film festivals and Indiegogo fulfillment. Backer materials will go out soon!

I listed the project on Withoutabox and FilmFreeway. I’ve always considered WAB to be a bit clunky though necessary to get that IMDB listing. FilmFreeway has a more user-friendly layout but because some fests are listed on one and not the other, I’m monitoring both. I’ll post any fest news as I hear about it. The press kit on each site calls for a director statement so I whipped one up for Citizen in the Temple. I thought I’d share that here.

I’ve lived with the sci-fi and fantasy genres my entire life. My first memory is of running in circles during TV commercials then sitting down to watch Blackstar, the predecessor to He-Man. I spent a ridiculous amount of time gaming in my teens and twenties when a person can do that sort of thing. What attracted me to gaming was the sense of adventure and the ability to create worlds so making sci-fi movies feels like a natural fit.

Citizen in the Temple is set on the fictional planet Eolan, in the city-kingdom of Nok Tiris. Society teeters on the brink of destruction. Hyper-regulated citizens live in constant fear of their shadowy rulers known as The Consortium. Jennon Ril is one of the very few citizens with the courage to envision life a different way. It is a story of defiance and the consequences of straying from society’s expectations.

Though the environment of Nok Tiris is exaggerated, issues of government regulation, individual privacy, class separation and the abuse of technology are very close to home. I’ve always been interested in these themes and I’m excited by the opportunity to explore them in Citizen in the Temple. I have a lot of stories in mind for this setting so I hope you enjoy the first glimpse!

Does it work? And yeah… Blackstar. Anybody remember that? John Blackstar was like He-Man with black hair. There was a thing called a Trobbit. That is… a hobbit that lives in a tree.


Thanks for reading this and if you haven’t seen the trailer for Citizen in the Temple yet, you can fix that right here.


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