FOUND: How to Construct Great Interviews with Alex Blumberg.

I’m not a fan of long, wintery commutes. The bumper to bumper can grind on a person’s mind, right? Make them do…crazy things… To combat the frustration and boredom, I’ve been listening to more podcasts. The other day I found one with a valuable discussion on interviewing. This is from Tim Ferriss’s blog and in the show he interviews Alex Blumberg from This American Life and a few other smash hit podcasts. I think this info could be valuable to anyone who needs to conduct narrative-style, probing interviews, not just podcasters. Cultural anthropologists or documentary filmmakers might find it useful too. There’s also a great bit with Mr. Rogers talking about how he’d address tension in a rough neighborhood.

This is the second part of a two-part series. You don’t need the first part to enjoy it. So here’s the link. If you want Tim’s whole blog post with both parts, click here. Thanks for reading this.


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