The Con Men Turn 1 at Windycon

A couple weeks ago we shot another episode of The Con Men at Windycon 41. It is one of Chicagoland’s oldest sci-fi conventions and the birthplace of our show in 2013. Everyone was really great and supportive and we met a lot of new friends. Chris Hutson and Paul Lyzun (the cinematographer I work with) were on hand and that made everything a lot easier. Here it is!

If you’re interested in the full interview with Lauren Faits (Geek Girl Chicago) you can check that out here. She had a lot of great stuff to say so I had to post the whole thing.

Here’s a 2 minute behind the scenes thrill ride. We’d like to pull back the curtain at every show.

What the heck! Let’s end with a little video that isn’t on our Ten Wing Media pages. It’s me talking about the con and Citizen in the Temple.

What’s next? We look ahead to Con Alt Delete and finishing Citizen in the Temple! Thanks for reading this.


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