24 Hour B Movie Marathon

Imagine: you’re in a room with three other half-conscious, half intoxicated figures. All around you are DVD and VHS boxes and bottles of alcohol. Images of monsters, show girls and Sean Connery in a red diaper assault your senses. That is the briefest description of what it will be like at the 2nd annual B-Movie Marathon I’m attending on June 27th.

We return with a new host of B movie gems and we are going to stream the entire experience online at www.bmoviemarathon.com. We will have a chatroom and a google hangout set up so people can join in on the fun (without the funky scent of four dudes in a hotel room). Watch the movies. Watch our crew try to make sense of it all. I guarantee we won’t be able to. We’ll also live tweet the movies. Fellow attendee Paul Brooks had this to say about the event:

Paul quote

Quite right. What movies are we showing? I thought you’d never ask…

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 4.54.37 PMSounds like fun right? Jump in the deep end with us. The water’s fine.

Thanks for reading this.


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