The Con Men visit Walker Stalker Con

Hello humans! Ten Wing Media cohort Chad Burns and I recently attended Walker Stalker Con. We shot a new episode of The Con Men, our show about fandom. Walker Stalker was the biggest con we’ve worked so far. We talked to a lot of cool people including an industrial rock star, an artist, some people opening a zombie laser tag business in Aurora, people who organize a zombie street party in Elgin, IL and the Chicago Herpetological Society. I met a giant snake.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 11.44.18 AM

We started experimenting with a new direction for the show and we hope you like it. Our goal is to grow The Con Men into a big, strange youtube thing so if you want to help all you have to do is watch.

We started a brand new facebook page for the show. So there’s clicking you could do if you’re so inclined. The next episode will be set in Las Vegas. Who knows what will happen?!

That’s all the info I can spill right now. Be excellent to each other and thanks for reading this.


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