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Hey do you like music? Awesome, me too! Like many others, I turn to the almighty internet for sweet new jams. But what port in the storm of 1’s and 0’s can you turn to? I like Many times you’ll find the artist selling directly to the people and often the bands are easily approachable…you know, if you want to give them a thumbs up…or stalk them. I make indie films. These people make indie music. I’m trying to get eyeballs on my work. They’re trying to get earballs on theirs. We’re in the same boat, it’s just a different product. So here are just a few groups I’ve discovered on bandcamp in no particular order. Oh and some of their stuff is free…

1. A Doubtful Sound – Make Loud Sexy
These guys kill. They’re based in Bristol, UK. They’re raw and loud like a baby with a diaper rash. This is the kind of music that got me into playing guitar many moons ago. If I were going to be in a band again, this is the type of group I’d want. Some of the influences they list are Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Beck and Nirvana. Favorite track: Dead or Famous

2. Ease Up – On the Fly
Ease Up
To my ears, this is the sound of vacation. Truthfully, I didn’t get into this reggae-influenced type stuff until recently. Honestly I think this southern California group is just as good as Sublime is/was. They play out a lot. In a brief exchange with the band, I learned one of the newer members is from Chicago, so for all you local readers who are into the civic pride thing. Whoop! Favorite track: I have 2. With You and Till the End.

3. Lotus – Monks
This is the band on the list I found most recently. Maybe I’m a little late to the party because they seem to have a pretty big following. This release is an eclectic melting pot of hip-hop, electronica and groove. Favorite track: Canon in the Heavens ft. Lyrics Born

4. Mystery Skulls (Self Titled)
Mystery Skulls
Like Daft Punk with Prince type vocals. You can even send them remix inquiries. Skeletor! Favorite Track: You. Not YOU. The song they have called “You.”

5. Midwest Death Rattle (Self Titled)
First of all this band name is awesome. When I initially came across their page, I expected metal but that’s not what’s going on here. These guys are from Milwaukee and they remind me of Them Crooked Vultures, Queens of the Stone Age and maybe a smattering of The Black Keys. They seem like a good group of dudes with a sense of humor. Favorite track: Food chain.

In my world, Beyond the Basement Door, is up for sale on Check out the bundles we offer. Who doesn’t love Lovecraftian horror? More festival announcements on that film soon. My other sci-fi films, Citizen in the Temple and The Drone are both on the way. More progress every day!

Thanks for reading / listening.


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