The 71st World Sci-Fi Convention

ImageThe 71st Annual World Science Fiction Convention is just around the corner. It occurs in a different city each year and it partners with a different, hosting convention. Last year, The Drone was a part of this con’s film festival in Chicago and I was fortunate enough to do a Q&A after the screening. Oh, and a friend of mine nearly knocked George R.R. Martin down an escalator. Here’s the discussion. On top of all that, I attended the Hugo Awards ceremony and met a lot of really cool people.

This year the WSFC is going down in San Antonio, Texas, at LoneStarCon 3. I’m pleased to announce that there will be a screening of Beyond the Basement Door as part of the film program! Though I won’t be able to make it to San Antonio, I’m proud that my work can again be a small part of the show. To have a screening in the same house that many of the modern sci-fi greats are walking around is an honor. I wish I could be there. If you’re in San Antonio and you want to see a bit of H.P. Lovecraft-inspired sci-fi / horror, check out Beyond the Basement Door. Also, if you see the film festival programmer, Nat Saenz, say hi to him for me. He’s a great guy.

Beyond the Basement Door 
4:48 p.m. Thursday, August 29
Marriott Rivercenter – Room 13-14

For a full schedule of all the film in the program, click here.   


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