Beyond the Basement Door is coming to VODO!

Q: So what’s the story with Beyond the Basement Door?

A: We’re going to release it soon for FREE on What is Vodo, you ask? It is a peer to peer sharing site like Limewire. Vodo was launched in 2009 as a way to help content creators share the films, music and books. They work directly with other P2P networks such as BitTorrent, uTorrent and others. These networks promote Vodo’s content to a cumulative daily audience of 65 million. It’s an interesting new way to release something and as evidenced by the film, L5, it is possible to gain some success. 1.8 million downloads so far! From all indications the vodo community seems to be a supportive and creative lot and I’m looking forward to the experiment.

Q: So when does it come out?

A: It’s a little tough to say. The film has been approved for distribution. The vodo page for the film has been built and it’s looking fine. The company now has to review the film file and the site before it can go live. I will keep everyone updated as the process evolves. I would say within a week or two.

If you have any questions regarding the site, how it works or anything like that, feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line. Or here’s the Vodo FAQ page.

To wet your whistle (if your whistle needs wetting) here’s a director statement video I did. It’s more fun than reading one, don’t you think? I couldn’t resist doing a twist ending.

BAM! My twitter.


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