REVIEW: The Drone at Chicon 7

The Drone at Chicon 7 Q&A from Ten Wing Films on Vimeo.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect at this convention. There were some big events and big names on the slate. My mission was to attend the con Saturday to promote and have a look around and Sunday for The Drone screening and a Q&A. I took Chad Burns (Citizen in the Temple) with me because he is a swiss army knife of con knowledge and promotional strategery. Chad and I peppered the Hyatt Regency with flyers and talked to as many people as possible about The Drone and our developing transmedia projects.

It was a very literary convention. A lot of authors promoting indie novels. A lot of steampunk gear, vintage video games and hard to find books. It wasn’t until the end of the con that we saw another filmmaker who was there to promote work. I heard of a third but we didn’t cross paths. I was a little surprised by that. It would have been nice to meet other producers. We did run into two actor/ producer/ hard working hosts of Filming ‘Round Midtown, Heather Dorff and Deann Baker. They were kind enough to shoot an interview with me for their show. I’ll post that when it comes out.

One service on the vendor floor I liked was Bookbaby, which converts your short story or novel into several ebook formats and pushes it out to distributors such as Amazon, Nook and Apple, among others. The prices are very reasonable and there is a palate of other services you can choose from to enhance your ebook. Very cool stuff!

Sunday, 3:06 p.m. – The Drone screening was great. I was very pleased by the amount of participation by the crowd. Everyone seemed really engaged in the story. We caught it all on video!

One thing this con did was fuel my desire to attend more cons. I wasn’t able to hit Wizard World last month, even though my wife did! Next year I want to take The Drone, Citizen in the Temple and any associated transmedia elements to Gen Con, Convergence, Wizard World, C2E2 and Comic Con. Hopefully a few others too. Yes, I’m already saving my nickels. I’d like to say thanks again to Nat Saenz for inviting us to Chicon and providing such a welcoming experience!

Other cool notes:

– I bought an old Fafhrd and The Gray Mouser comic. Sweet.
– I didn’t think Neil Gaiman was there but he accepted a Hugo award for an episode he wrote for Dr. Who.
– My friend, Chris, scared George R.R. Martin at the top of an escalator as he power-walked toward him for a handshake.
– I got a picture of George at the bar. Surprising how everyone more or less kept their distance. I didn’t hear one “Finish the book, George!”

Until next time, my pets!

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