A New Look at Citizen in the Temple!

Hello all! I’m writing to you from sunny Las Vegas and the NAB convention. I love the buzz and the energy of the city and my wife and I have been put up in the awesome Paris Hotel. Since I’m in Vegas, let’s get down to business. I can’t be bound by the keyboard tonight! 

First of all, I’m proud to announce that the immensely talented artist, Scott Richard, is creating some digital matte paintings for Citizen in the Temple. You’ll have to see most of his work in the movie, but I suppose a little taste won’t hurt…


Wow, right?! What you see here is a perspective on the upper crust of Nok Tiris. The structure to the far right is the titular Temple of Nok Tiris and the offshoot spire is the very spot where a lot of the film takes place. To the left you’ll see a tower that is more lit than the structures that surround it. That is Io Tower, the location of The Drone. I can’t wait to see what Scott delivers next. 

Just a few days ago I completed a little overview video to update the indiegogo fundraiser page. This video encapsulates the story of the film and acquaints the viewer with the world. I encourage you to check it out…peer into the wild land we’re creating. 

If you feel inspired or moved, please consider donating here. A little bit truly goes a long way. There is a lot I’d like to do with this world and I appreciate every bit of help. We have some pretty ambitious 3D modeling and graphics planned and that is mostly where the funds are going. As an aside, I’m working with an accomplished visual effects supervisor and we’re looking to put together a 5-6 person team so if you like what you see and you have experience working in visual effects environment, contact me at JasonHuls@tenwingfilms.com. You can help bring the world to life!

That’s it for now! Back to NAB and Las Vegas!




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