Inspired by MarsCon, J Vows to Conquer the Red Planet!


Last weekend, March 9-11, I was fortunate to attend MarsCon 2012 in Bloomington, MN. Due to some last minute rescheduling, I was able to accompany Chad Burns as he promoted his hard sci-fi show, L5. I was there to promote The Drone and Citizen in the Temple. I brought trailers, posters, DVDs and business cards. The convention was a blast. Great atmosphere and really nice people. The creativity and technical knowledge flying around there was unreal. 


I’ve been to conventions before, but never to promote anything so this was a learning experience. I had a solid presentation considering this was last minute and I took a lot of notes for ways to enhance the overall exhibition. So look out, next con, whatever you may be! If anyone out there has any tips or marketing / convention experience, insight is always welcome. Just contact me!


As an aside, you really should check out L5. It’s a great show that is totally free on (which is powered by BitTorrent– [free, quality, legal downloads!] ). As of right now, just over 2 weeks since release, they are past 1.5 MILLION downloads. It’s catching fire! I intend to do a little more in-depth coverage in the near future. It’ll be easy, since Chad plays the enforcer drone, Valkir, in Citizen in the Temple. 


In other news, I met a new friend recently. His name is Tom Gardiner and he gave The Drone an excellent review on his blog, SciFi Singularity. You can read the full review here. Engage!


Ahh and now the call to action. As I’ve stated in weeks past, I am finishing up the rough cut of Citizen in the Temple and I’m moving into post-production. I have started an indiegogo campaign to help fund that part of the process. I’m only trying to put together $1,000. It’s a drop in the bucket compared to a hollywood production and it will go a long way toward making the movie look great. The funds will mainly go toward securing the composer and visual effects artists. Check out the trailer. If you like what you see, just donate $1.00. That’s all I ask. Cable is much more per month and you don’t even like your 300 channels! You’ll be a part of something great. Click here to donate! If these tough economic times have you down, spreading the trailer and word about the film is a great help too.


How did I sound? Did I inspire you? 


Oh and at MarsCon I was introduced to The Mars Society. I want to go on a mission at the Mars Desert Research Station. I want to conquer the red planet. It will be done.




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