Get a Peek at What Lies Beneath!

Doesn’t that subject line sound like spam?

Ok, so you know Ten Wing Films and I shot a music video for the band, Veritae, right? Well the cut is done! It is an eclectic mix of dark imagery, watery birth, sultry moves and blistering rock! The track is entitled What Lies Beneath and I’ve included a few stills below. Big thanks to Intelligent Lighting Creations for the space, Fishnet Mafia Productions for Alma the dancer and thanks as always to the cast and crew.


Q: Why aren’t you showing us the video now, J?
A: Because Veritae has an upcoming show in Chicago and they’d like to premiere it there before it hits the interweb. I will post details on the show asap but I believe it is in mid-December. After that I will post the full version of the video here. If you just can’t wait, I do accept bribes.

In other news, I began some minor Citizen in the Temple editing. Mostly, I’m trying to wrap up my other projects so I can focus on Citizen with a clear mind and a clean slate. Is that so wrong? Despite what is on my plate, phase 2 (see previous post) will begin to pick up steam…NOW!

I have a guest writer for the next post! My friend and sound designer, Joe Marcus is going to give his thoughts on our work together thus far. Joe supervised the post sound on The Drone and worked production sound on Citizen in the Temple. He’s a very talented guy with a bright future. Get the sound scoop straight from the source. Find out which pro sports player smacked him on the tush. You don’t want to miss that! Stay tuned!



  1. Whoa! I got a chance to see the video early and I LOVED it! I had to watch it over again to see what all of the animal and bug clips were actually showing! Creepy and awesome at the same time!

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