Citizen in the Temple: Phase 2

Oh hi people. Citizen in the Temple Phase 1 (principle photography) is complete. It has been an absolute blast so far.  This year at Thanksgiving I will thank the pilgrims for the great cast and crew I got to work with. Everyone had cool ideas about the world and I love that the cast was thinking about where their characters could go beyond Citizen. There was even some talk about how to tie the story more closely together with The Drone (other than both movies taking place on the same planet). The finished product is gonna be slick.


Now we look ahead to phase 2. What is Phase 2, you ask? This stage of the production will involve casting the High Templars, the panel of authority for The Temple that sit in big thrones and cast judgment down from on high. I also need to capture several plate shots for the visual effects. Exterior city type stuff.

I’m transcoding all the footage now and the plan is to start editing a few scenes this week. I’ll be in touch with everyone soon about the wrap party. It’ll most likely be in mid-November. I’ll try to have a little montage cut together so you can see some footage.

We added another great interview to the Without Charity documentary. Some really intense information and heart-wrenching moments surfaced as we talked over the events with a man whose father was one of the 3 men killed. There are several more interviews lined up and after it is all said and done this is going to be a fascinating portrait of the tragic events told in a unique, new way.

You may remember a few months ago we shot a music video for our friends in Veritae. The primary edit has been completed and now we’re going in for the kill. With a little visual fx, a little non-Euclidean geometry and whole lotta love, this video is shaping up to be a sweet caress for your senses! Watch out!

Next week I will be in Jamaica. Am I shooting? No. Will I be at a swim-up bar in a silk Tommy Bahama shirt? Oh yes. I will return just in time for the cold months when I will get fat and hibernate in my editing room, only to emerge next year with some great movies ready to show.

In case I haven’t mentioned it, let me humbly encourage you all to follow my company, Ten Wing Films, on facebook. Sure, you know about the individual project pages but it is the umbrella corporation that pulls the puppet strings. Stay informed! Stay safe!

Yup, that’s Edward James Olmos. Another thing I will be thankful for this year.



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