Production Stills – Citizen in the Temple – Week 4


Filming is about 90-95% done on Citizen in the Temple. Here are some more production stills from this past Saturday. Over the next few weeks as we transition to post production, I will post more stills from Corey O’Brien and Ziggy Chicano as well as videos from the cast and crew discussing different aspects of the film.

I’d like to take this opportunity to once again thank the cast and crew for the work they have put in on this project. Everyone has been outstanding. It has been a great experience and it is very encouraging to see how well we all work together. The magic 8 ball says that our outlook is good.

I’d also like to give a very special thanks to Dan Hites and The River’s Edge Cafe in downtown Aurora. The location, the facilities they provided and the hospitality were top notch. It was a great environment to work in! Nick Philip at the Colombia Yacht Club is similarly awesome for all the help he gave us on the boat in addition to helping secure permission to use the location. It’s a one of a kind place and I’m happy to have had the chance to shoot there.

Alongside post production on Citizen, Ten Wing Films will now turn our attention back toward Paul Lyzun’s documentary, Without Charity. Paul had to switch gears midstream in order to DP Citizen in the Temple and with that phase coming to an end, we look forward to setting up interviews and resuming production on this fascinating, true story. I encourage you to check out the film’s first trailer:

I am also getting my head wrapped around the Veritae music video again. We shot that a few months ago but it had to go on the back burner while Citizen was shooting. Now it’s back, still looking awesome and ready for finishing touches.

So much to do!


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