Citizen in the Temple production – week 1

Roughly 1/4 of the script is now in the can. Even though I said it on Facebook, let me say again just how much I appreciate everyone’s work. This week our central villain, Templar Ceres, interrogated Jennon Ril for information about his underground resistance movement, The Shepherd’s Way. The sword-wielding enforcer drone, Valkir and the malicious templar acolyte, T’Maril, looked on in satisfaction. I’ve included some stills below courtesy of Corey O’Brien. We shot this scene in a repurposed storage unit. The production design guys, Ron Rotondo and Ed Barker, along with producer Rob Quinton, built this out of styrofoam and green poster board. It worked wonderfully. Except for the occasional cricket, the set was ideal for capturing pristine sound. Anyway, here are the stills:


I’ve also included a gallery of color sketches by our costume designer, Beth Miller. It’s awesome to see these images come to life!


I would be remiss if I didn’t share some stills of Ken Hertlein’s effects work. Here we see the biotech/ mad science experiment that lives on Templar Ceres’ arm. What an amazing job! What you don’t see in the stills that you will see in the movie is the bloating and undulating movement that takes place underneath the skin. Grossly awesome! Awesomely gross!


Next weekend we’re shooting at a very special location. I’ll post more images from that once we’re done. Our hero, Jennon Ril, meets up with his rebel friends to discuss plans and they are unknowingly stalked by Valkir and T’Maril! Should be a blast!

More to come…



  1. Jason Huls says:

    Absolutely! Thanks for checking out the movie. More good stuff on the way!

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