Repeat: I have a shadow!

As I mentioned previously, The Drone is currently in the Short Film Corner. I recently discovered that Shadow and Act, a blog on the Indiewire network, listed it as one of their top 20 short films of interest. And for that we say thank you. Here’s the link to the article:

Shadow and Act

I’m in the midst of creating the withoutabox profile for The Drone so I can send it everywhere. For your ocular examination, I submit to you my director’s statement.

Making The Drone was very valuable and personal for me. From my first step on this career path I’ve wanted to make sci-fi movies and The Drone is my first real offering to the genre in its truest sense. I’m certain I could be happy working in science fiction for years to come so I was excited by the chance to make this movie.

In the past few years my life has changed dramatically. I got married. We bought a house and a dog. Kids are on the horizon. The roles I’m playing are in a state of flux. Maybe they always are but at this point I have a clearer understanding of how our past, our collection of memories and experiences influence who we are today and who we are to become in the future. I started thinking about what would happen to someone who was robbed of that past, a blank slate with an identity thrust upon them. The Drone started to take shape.

I write in two gears. The first is very slow, methodically, with all the dots mapped out. The second is at warp speed, where my typing barely keeps up with my thoughts and it all just pours out. Honestly, that’s the more exciting of the two and that’s the way The Drone happened. It was a joy from beginning to end and it didn’t take long. I knew I wanted to write a film in the vein of Brave New World or 1984. I am interested in those kind of super-regulated societies, the spark of defiance that can occur in an individual and the ripple effect that radical thinking can have.

Even though The Drone is my first sci-fi film I feel like I’ve been in the genre for a long time. I grew up with role-playing games, many of which were set in space. My friends and I used to create stories for hours (and I mean HOURS) at a time. Two of my favorite sci-fi works are the original Star Wars trilogy and, more recently, the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica. My friends and family know that well. I love the adventure and depth of vision in Star Wars and the incorporation of modern day issues and character complexity in Battlestar. Good sci-fi is character driven with the genre elements there as a backdrop. Ultimately, that is what I wanted to achieve.

The Drone is a journey of self-discovery despite an overpowering system of manipulation. We see the dangers of standing against a tightly constructed social order. We also see the inspiring power of dreams. This is the first in what I intend to be a series of stories in this world so for both The Drone and myself…

This is just the beginning.



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