The Drone is in the Cannes.

Yo yo!

Last weekend we did a music video shoot for our friends, Veritae. Great = band, crew, facility. We were at Intelligent Lighting Creations in Arlington Heights, IL. You’ll probably start to hear me mention them more in future posts. More on that later. 🙂 The day flowed really well and everyone gelled together. Like Collective Soul. The video was for a song called “What Lies Beneath” and it is featured in our film, Beyond the Basement Door which drops later this month. We shot on the Canon 5D and 7D and we got some gorgeous shots. I can’t wait to start cutting it together. The photos are available here on Facebook.

We finished The Drone and it is in the Cannes Short Film Corner this year! This was a race to the finish line. Paul Lyzun and I went to NAB in Las Vegas from April 8th – 14th. We dropped in final audio and rendered in the evenings. The connection at the MGM was horrible but luckily we were able to complete the upload to the SFC when we got back to Chicago. The next thing you’ll see for The Drone is a trailer and then I’m aiming to set up a show at DePaul in early June. You should come! I’m really really proud of all the hard work people put into this. The effort definitely shows an I’m excited to get it out there. By the way, it’s a great representation of the world I’m trying to create with Citizen in the Temple. If you like The Drone, you’ll LOVE Citizen. 🙂

I spoke with producer Aric Jackson this week about Citizen. He’s jumping on board to help out on the project. I’m very pleased about that. I’ll see if I can’t get him to write a guest post just to mix it up a little. We’re meeting up for a face to face next week.

Fundraising is coming to a close, but we’re not done just yet! I’m at just over $1,300 so if you’ve got any spare change you want to throw my way, I’d appreciate it! Our production designer, Ron Rotondo, and our set builder, Ed Barker, are about ready to kick it into high gear. Look! Ed’s doing the math:


Saturday Ron, Ed and I are going to Zap Props to do a little recon. That’ll be fun.

I want to start shooting Citizen in the Temple the first week of August. I would love to shoot on an Arri Alexa after seeing one up close and personal at NAB. How could I do this, you ask? The only answer is none. None more black. Translation: I have no idea how I could afford one, but we’ll see if I can pull a rabbit out of my hat. An August shoot means casting early next month. Head on over to the MFA Casting page for character descriptions.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or free food, let me know!



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