Beyond the Basement Door (Teaser Trailer)

Hey friends. I’m proud to show you the teaser trailer for my upcoming short film, Beyond the Basement Door. The script was selected by faculty members at DePaul University for their Project Bluelight program, which gives students the opportunity to make a film with a supplied crew and budget. It was a great, intense experience and though it’s taken a long time to get from production to this point, I’m excited by the results. Here’s the synopsis:

Beyond the Basement Door is the story of Alistair (Steve Christopher), a genetic researcher desperate to save his own life from cancer. Fueled by desperation, Alistair began to experiment with questionable methods which resulted in him being fired from his position. With is life slipping away, he was determined to find a cure. Somehow, he succeeded. The secret lies with a menacing stranger who tells Alistair that, though his tumors are gone, he is far from safe. The Stranger offers to guide him through an odd process to salvation, explaining that what cured his cancer may still threaten his life. After a visit to Alistair’s home, The Stranger emerges from the basement and makes Alistair promise not to go down there for three days…no matter what he sees or hears. His sanity, his life, depends on it.

As the line between reality and delusion fades, Alistair struggles with nosey neighbors (Richard Pryor Jr., Larna Smith), a rival ex-boss (Daniel Roebuck), and haunting images of a land in blue. The visions intensify, hinting at mysterious events in Alistair’s past. A visit to his friend (Brenna Lee Roth) does nothing to ease his anxiety. With each passing hour, an urge to open the door slowly chips away at him…

Will he be able to resist? What’s making all that noise beneath the floorboards? How is Alistair connected to the lady in blue and what is beyond the basement door?

This is a story along the lines of H.P. Lovecraft’s work. Casting was a lot of fun on this one. I got to work with my friend, Steve Christopher, Brenna Roth, Richard Pryor Jr. and Daniel Roebuck, who had roles in The Fugitive, Rob Zombie’s Halloween films, and played Arzt on LOST. I’ll begin posting some fun behind the scenes stuff as we draw nearer to the release date. When is that, you ask? I’m still working on the particulars. Gotta get these last few pieces done! The visual effects and the final passes of the sound and score are being worked on now. After that all clicks together, we’ll set up shows. Lots of shows. And I promise to keep you all posted. For now, enjoy the trailer!



  1. Jason Huls says:

    It’s almost done! I’m just now getting the finished effects dropped in to the edit. It’s been a juggling act since Citizen in the Temple is going on at the same time. Where should I send the link when the film is complete? We Basement Door people need to stick together!

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