T-Cain and the +3 Teleprompter of Fundraising

Hey everyone. It’s about time I write an update on what’s been happening lately.

I’m juuussst about ready to launch the Citizen in the Temple fundraising campaign. I’ve got the “please donate funds/resources/undying adoration” script written, and I’m assembling a slick little video for your viewing pleasure. I even built a teleprompter for it. Wait…no. It’s all memorized. For serious.

If you head over to the casting page, I posted a list of the Citizen characters and descriptions. This is what will go out in the casting notice. If you’re interested in auditioning, or know someone who would be JUST PERFECT for one of the roles, let me know! I’m working on a script revision and pulling sides. Those will be available closer to casting time.

This past weekend I had a detailed production design meeting where we discussed some of the main sets and how to craft them. Very exciting stuff. We’re talking round stone rooms, stained glass, crazy machines…the works. Location scouting is begins tomorrow. I’ve had a lot of luck talking to individuals in Aurora and Joliet so far. I sent out a legion of emails and things are starting to move but there’s still much to do.

I met with Tim Cain, or T-Cain as he’s known on the streets, regarding phase 2 of www.tenwingfilms.com. We’re making plans to expand starting in the next couple of weeks. We’ve got the concept and the layout plan for the site. Now it’s a matter of scheduling the first few steps. There’s going to be big, sparkling banners and puppies…errr….

Costume Designers. Know any? I’m starting a search for someone experienced that can help design the wardrobes, which will be very important to the look of this film. There’s everything from android armor to Templar mad scientist robes. I’ll post concept sketches as they develop.

Everything around here is in that state of flux where there’s one step forward here and two steps back there. Generally, however, the whole Gelatinous Cube is moving forward. That’s right. I used the term “Gelatinous Cube.” That one’s for you, Gary.

More to come.




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