Ryan Sharples is Building a Gun!

I’ve been doing a lot of research on fundraising. I don’t expect it to be an easy process. There’s an art to it, and right now I’m still coloring outside the lines with crayons. However, I have gotten some donations and all things considered I’m off to a great start.

Phase 1 of the Ten Wing Films website is almost complete. It will feature a few familiar faces from my projects as well as links to recent work and contact information. Phase 2 will occur in early 2011. That version will be much more robust and establish a great online presence for TWF. It’ll have news, contact info, cheese, pickles, the works.

Speaking of recent work, you may notice I added a “Video Reel” page to this site. Right now there are only a couple projects but I will expand it in the future. I also added a “Donate” page. It’s linked to my paypal. Ya know, in case you feel like becoming MY pay pal, a patron of my art. Just sayin’…

I have a meeting with Jay Costa on Sunday to knock out the revision pass of the Beyond the Basement Door sound. Then when Petter gets back after the first of the year, the score will be complete and my insidiousmasterplancomesonestepcloser to…

Anyway, we also cut a draft of the Beyond the Basement Door trailer. After some minor revisions that will be good to go in Jan 2011.

Citizen in the Temple – a comrade of mine, Ryan Sharples, is developing and building a key prop for the film. He is designing the sonic gun Templar T’Maril uses on our hero, Jennon, which leads to his capture. Ryan and his company, JLR Solutions, handled the practical effects on Beyond the Basement Door, so you’ll be able to check out his work in that soon. This gun will be all sorts of cool. I’ll post pictures when I get them.

The teaser poster for Citizen is looking outstanding. I’ve seen several passes from Lorenz, and each one captures the vibe more and more. I’m excited for you to see it. Lorenz is also willing to work on some concept art for the film, which will be a great aid when it comes to building the sets. I just have to send him my crappy sketches.

So what’s coming up? Welllll….

-Meet w/ Joe Marcus about The Drone sound.
-Review The Drone score.
-Continue to hunt for locations. Anyone have a spare boiler room?
-Write something. I get crabby if I go too long without writing.

Now for your viewing pleasure, here is music video starring Lorenz and his brother. Check the fight scene in the end.  Happy New Year!





  1. Are you crowdfunding? I don’t know how effective it is, but if you are you should post your link to Twitter or Facebook.

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