12/17/10: Casting Jacob Alexander! & the art of Mr. Hideyoshi

Aloha!  Lot’s of good stuff this week. First you’ll notice I added a couple new pages to my little slice of posterous. One is a cast page. If you click there after reading this sentence, you’ll see the lead of the film, Jacob Alexander! I wouldn’t have ended that sentence with an exclamation point, but that’s how the dude spells his name. He was also in another film I did, The Seashell ( http://www.vimeo.com/13516246 ). Jacob’s a good friend, a great actor, and he’ll do a great job playing Jennon Ril.

This is where you say: Jennon Ril? Who? J, you keep blabbing about this MFA film, but what the heck IS it?

Me: Glad you asked! The other page I added is a Synopsis page. Now you can go there and check out exactly what it is I’m trying to do.

Yesterday (12/16) Paul Lyzun (DP), Will Quinton (Producer) and I went to DePaul and worked with the RED. This is what we are shooting Citizen in the Temple on. Thanks to Peter Mossiman for helping us out with that. Don’t believe me? Check it:


Regarding Beyond the Basement Door, revised passes of the sound are starting to roll in, and we’ve started cutting the trailer. Look for that soon!

Regarding The Drone, I’m meeting Joe Marcus and his sound crew next week to review some of the scenes.

In other news, I have commissioned an artist for a Citizen in the Temple poster. His name is Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe. I know he’ll create something great that I can center the fundraising campaign around. Here is a link to his deviant art page.


Below are a few of my favorites. I’m looking forward to seeing what he comes up with!

Go forth and conquer!





  1. Amazing art! Go to see youre progressing.

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