12/11/10: Beyond The Drone in the Temple

A lot has happened over the last month, even though we’re in the thick of the Holiday season. Beyond the Basement Door and The Drone are almost done and should be ready right around the first of the year. I’ll just apologize now for the extent to which I’m going to promote these and put them in your face. 🙂 Here’s an overview:

Beyond the Basement Door
-Reviewed the poster for the film, designed by Paul A. Brooks.
-Met with sound designer Jay Costa and composer Petter Wahlbäck to formulate a plan to put a polish on the sound design and music.
-Finished color correction.
-Gave footage to visual effects supervisor Michael Fernandez.
-Work on a trailer will begin soon.
-Compiled end credits for review.
The Drone
-Reviewed the poster for the film, also from Paul. Both this and the one for BTBD are looking fantastic. We’ll launch them soon.
-Stayed in contact with Joe Marcus and his team regarding the sound design for the film. It’ll be time to review the first pass soon.
-Handed off footage to visual effects supervisor Michael Fernandez.
-The trailer will follow soon.
-Compiled end credits for review.

Citizen in the Temple
-Producer Will Quinton and I went location scouting in Aurora to get contact info on a bunch of old buildings.
-We also went to the Illinois Film Office and looked through their files. Lots of boiler room type places, which would be perfect. It’s tough to know if the contact info is still up to date on those though. This is crucial step because the sooner the locations are secured, the sooner the construction can begin…and these are difficult locations. Will has his work cut out for him. We need warehouse space to build in and boiler room/ old factory places for the characters to run through. Suggestions anyone? I’ll be your best friend.
-I’ve gotten responses from several artists who are interested in doing the teaser poster. This will be the central image that the fundraising campaign will hang on. I should be able to announce a new development on this in the next few days.
-I’m still working on the fundraising campaign. I need to get that launched ASAP.

Actor Monologues
-Shot another monologue for our good friend Jonathan Kitt. Another to come next month. Check out or vimeo page or his youtube page, user name: TheJonathanKitt.

Web Site
-Met with web designer Tim Cain from Cain Studios several times to talk about branding and to establish a schedule for our preliminary site and the more robust site to follow.
-The preliminary site should roll out this weekend at http://www.tenwingfilms.com. Check it out, won’t you? The full site will follow soon.
 -I talked to Corey O’Brien about designing a TWF company logo. I’ve seen the first pass and it’s looking great. So far so good.
-All our work to date is now up on our vimeo page at http://www.vimeo.com/tenwingfilms. Have a peek. Peruse the old selections if you know us, or take a look for the first time. Free entertainment!

Aside from all this, we have a couple other commercial projects that are in development. Too early to talk about those though.


I loved this article. I’ll bet my pocket lint that you will too.


Until next time! Happy Holidays, humans!

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