Progress as of 11/9/10



Busy days lately. I’m working on a polished synopsis of Citizen in the Temple to post. This space is dedicated to it so if you’re kind enough to follow along here you should at least know what it’s about.


I’m talking to various different people about key crew positions and I’ve got some good talent lined up so far. I’m really excited to see how everyone works together. If I haven’t talked to you yet, and you’re interested in working on this sci-fi film, let me know. Shooting starts late march. Again, the synopsis should be up soon for you to peruse.  


As a brief aside, I’m working to finish two other films right now. They are Beyond the Basement Door and The Drone. BTBD is a lovecraftian-type horror film and The Drone is a short which takes place in the same world as Citizen in the Temple. I’m very proud of both. By the end of the year I’m gonna pop them out like twins. They’ll play back to back in several shows. They’ve taken awhile due to the fact that they’re both genre films that are heavy on fx work. But stick with me. A lot of people put in hard work and it shows. They will look great on the demo reel, and will hopefully help scare up some interest in funding for Citizen. Paul Brooks is designing the teaser posters over the next couple days so stay tuned!


Next up for Citizen: 

-More location scouting. Where are all the abandoned factories with hulking, old machines? 

-Go to the IFO.

-Revise script based on the reading notes


Get to know J fact # 3: If I ruled the world, there would be no railroad crossings in cities. Only underpasses or overpasses. 



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