Production Designer hits the “like” button on Panera Bread


    Today I met with Ron Rotondo, the production designer for Citizen in the Temple. He’s good at what he does and it never hurts to have a guy that looks like Tom Cruise hanging around your production, right? We mostly discussed sets and costumes. I still need to lock down an experienced hair/make up person (among other things). Sunday is the next meeting with Ron and the Art Director. We’re going to go through the script with a fine tooth comb. Yeeha.
    We are moving into the location scouting phase of the master plan. I got information on an old hospital. Hopefully that’ll work for a location or two. Other places I’m looking for include: an old factory filled with huge, dead machines, a medieval-looking alley with cobblestones, and somewhere that could pass for the interior of a castle hallway in extremely low light. Ha…I seem to always write stories that require crazy locations. Will Q. should be contacting the Illinois Film Office and the Mayor’s office in Aurora for more possibilities.

“Get to know J” Random Fact 1: 10,000 days was the first Tool album I wasn’t inspired by.
“Get to know J” Random Fact 2: Leonard Cohen still inspires me.


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