An Introduction

Hola! J here. This is a test of the Ten Wing Films broadcast network. I’m experimenting with (thank you, Doug). I’m linking up all the social media known to man so I can get the word out about the DePaul MFA project I’m starting preproduction on. It’s called CITIZEN IN THE TEMPLE. It’s a dark, gritty sci-fi film that takes place on a blistered, desert planet. 22-25 minutes long. Androids. Evil templars. Oppressive governments. Love. Guns. Betrayal. Genetically altered experiments gone horribly wrong. Good times.

Things are just warming up and I have a ton to do. I recently had a script reading with some trusted comrades (Erin- my wife, Bote, Rob Quinton, Paul G. Lyzun, and Chris Hutson). I got some really good comments so I’m about to go through another revision. I’m also lining up some location scouting missions. Those will be with producer Will Quinton. We’re talking to the Aurora Historical Society and The IFO to find some crappy old buildings. If you have any leads, please let me know. I also could use a castle if anyone knows how to find one. Heh.

On top of that I’m working out funding tactics. I’m reading a couple books on the subject right now. I’ve got indiegogo and kickstarter accounts open and I’m almost ready to post the project. I’ll send those links soon in case any of you out there in Social Media Land have always wanted to become a patron for the arts. Don’t worry, you’ll get something for your kind donation. More details to follow, but I’m looking to raise at least 10K.

Lastly, if anyone is interested in working on this project, let me know. The help will be greatly appreciated. I’m fixin’ to shoot in late March. Probably 8 days total, divided into 2 4-day chunks.

Random Fact: In case any of you give a crap, I’m listening to Skybox right now. Local Chicago band. Quirky. Fun. Worthwhile.

Until next time!



  1. Hello, this seems to be a great project to watch! I’ve been following L.H.Ruwwe’s art for a long time and thats how I found you. I love your scifi/fantasy vision and I wish you best of luck. I’m currently in a preproduction for my own little movie, third part to my SW fanfilm trilogy. Somehow I feel your style is pretty close to mine, so if youre interested, you may check my blog.Meanwhile, Ill be watching you… :-)Good luck!Martin Klekner

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