FOUND: How to Construct Great Interviews with Alex Blumberg.

I’m not a fan of long, wintery commutes. The bumper to bumper can grind on a person’s mind, right? Make them do…crazy things… To combat the frustration and boredom, I’ve been listening to more podcasts. The other day I found one with a valuable discussion on interviewing. This is from Tim Ferriss’s blog and in the show he interviews Alex Blumberg from This American Life and a few other smash hit podcasts. I think this info could be valuable to anyone who needs to conduct narrative-style, probing interviews, not just podcasters. Cultural anthropologists or documentary filmmakers might find it useful too. There’s also a great bit with Mr. Rogers talking about how he’d address tension in a rough neighborhood.

This is the second part of a two-part series. You don’t need the first part to enjoy it. So here’s the link. If you want Tim’s whole blog post with both parts, click here. Thanks for reading this.

I Should Share More

My MFA film, Citizen in the Temple, is now complete. A little while ago I sent it off to my MFA committee at DePaul University for review. They’ll need some time to watch it and take notes. Then comes the defense where we meet to discuss. If it’s approved (fingers crossed) I’ll be able to set up screenings.

I just finished a book called Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon. One of the central topics is the value of teaching your art and sharing little bits of your process (mostly via social media) as you create. This (ideally) creates engagement and tells the audience the backstory of your work. I admit for a long time I was more in the “keep it secret, keep it safe” camp. I shared a lot more early in the production simply because there were a lot of new images each week. I slowed down once we got into post. On the next project I’ll work to release tidbits a little more regularly throughout.

While I wait for the thesis defense I plan on putting together a bunch of behind the scenes stuff. I probably have 2,000 photos. I’ve got an interview and music video for the song Chris Connelly did for the movie. I’ve got behind the scenes clips from the shoot, scouting/urban exploration videos of The Dixie Square Mall (think Blues Brothers) and The Colombia Yacht Club. I also have video of our High Templar, Iris Kohl, in full make up chatting with an enthusiastic street guy outside Starbucks. I never really pointed this out but the first trailer had no finished color, sound or vfx…so I’m working on a new one. Maybe I should have released all this throughout the process but hey, technically we’re still in the process so there’s a lot of good stuff to come. Hopefully you’ll enjoy seeing a bit about how the movie came together and all the awesome people that were involved.

Got an idea where I should screen the movie? I’m all ears…eyes…I’m reading. The Logan Theater has been suggested and I plan on checking that out. Citizen in the Temple runs about 35 minutes so I might pair it up with The Drone to make an hour program. Two movies. One universe. Fun times! Thanks for reading this!


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Citizen in the Temple Sound Mix: DONE.

That’s right. The sound mix for Citizen in the Temple is complete. It’s really exciting to think how a film that has taken around 3 years is within days of being done. I just need to drop in the last few vfx shots tonight. In terms of the DePaul MFA, my committee will need to review it then I can begin setting up screenings and start shipping this thing around. The plan is to send it to festivals for awhile before releasing it on youtube. 2015 should be a very busy year. The role-playing game version will be out early next year also. You can check out more on that at Lester Smith’s d6xd6 site. The list and quality of contributors on this project is amazing. How about some pictures? These were taken last night at Columbia. Gotta run. It’s potluck time. Thanks for reading!

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The Con Men 8 Coming Up

Here’s a little poster I put together. We’re gonna be at Con Alt Delete next weekend. It’s our second year there and the second year this convention has been in existence. Last year the weather was terrible and the con was in Lisle. This year…well…hopefully there won’t be as much snow and it’s at the Hyatt Rosemont. Should be a party!

Con Men 8 poster

The Con Men Turn 1 at Windycon

A couple weeks ago we shot another episode of The Con Men at Windycon 41. It is one of Chicagoland’s oldest sci-fi conventions and the birthplace of our show in 2013. Everyone was really great and supportive and we met a lot of new friends. Chris Hutson and Paul Lyzun (the cinematographer I work with) were on hand and that made everything a lot easier. Here it is!

If you’re interested in the full interview with Lauren Faits (Geek Girl Chicago) you can check that out here. She had a lot of great stuff to say so I had to post the whole thing.

Here’s a 2 minute behind the scenes thrill ride. We’d like to pull back the curtain at every show.

What the heck! Let’s end with a little video that isn’t on our Ten Wing Media pages. It’s me talking about the con and Citizen in the Temple.

What’s next? We look ahead to Con Alt Delete and finishing Citizen in the Temple! Thanks for reading this.

Published! The Yakobi Island Artifact (flash fiction)

Hello Internetland! Recently I had a short story published in Protodimension Magazine, a “fanzine devoted to the wonderfully creative world of conspiracy horror role playing.” It’s called The Yakobi Island Artifact. Wanna check it out? I posted the page here with the publisher’s permission. If you’re into the horror gaming, I suggest you check out their magazine. It’s free and has a lot of resources. Hope you enjoy…

Yakobi Island

Speaking of writing and publishing, Popcorn Press recently launched the kickstarter for Halloween Haiku 2 and Other Hauntings. This is their 6th annual volume of scary poetry and short fiction. I love the past issues. Check out the details here. Until next time, my friends. Thanks for reading this.

Victory! CORE RPG Attached to Citizen in the Temple Surpasses $11K

When it rains it pours. In addition to working with industrial music legend, Chris Connelly, on a new song for Citizen in the Temple, the CORE RPG Kickstarter ended with almost 500 backers and $11,456.00. What does that mean? It means Citizen in the Temple is for sure going to be part of this upcoming role-playing book. I’m working over the next month to prepare the chapter that will allow you to enter the World of Eolan and play on your own. Oh…Eolan is the world where Citizen in the Temple takes place. Writing this has been great fun so far. If you missed out on the Kickstarter and you like the look of the game (with over 30 authors attached, 30 different worlds) you can still preorder the book until the end of August.

Lester Smith, the mastermind behind the game, held a Kickstarter countdown party where he interviewed yours truly and other contributors. If you want to see good ole Jason Huls talk about Citizen in the Temple, writing the game, John Carpenter, love…and life…watch yonder excerpt below.

Thanks for reading. Should have plenty of updates as we go!

Citizen in the Temple: The Film, The RPG

Hello hello! I’ve been very busy lately. With what? I’m glad you asked.


Awesome CORE rpg cover.

Lester Smith, a veteran game designer, has launched a kickstarter campaign for his new CORE role-playing system. This is a genre-spanning rules set with over 30 contributing world authors. Guess what? My Citizen in the Temple project is slated to be one of the worlds!

As of this moment the campaign has earned enough to unlock the first stretch goal. That means backers get the rules, three setting chapters PLUS four fantasy settings. Citizen in the Temple is part of the sci-fi pack, which is the next stretch goal. With a bit more funding it will become part of the book. Wanna help me get there? There are 16 days to go.

If you’re a gamer, I implore you to check out the page. There’s a lot of value and a ridiculous amount of talent going into this. I’m honored to even be a part of it. A lot of the settings are based on books so if you find something you like, there’s probably a novel you can pick up. If you click this link right here, you’ll see the Citizen in the Temple entry on the CORE home page and the amazing list of other authors who are involved. Now let’s game!

Ideally, the game and film will be released around the same time toward the end of this year. I appreciate the patience and ongoing enthusiasm from the backers of the movie. What can I say? Post production takes a long time for sci-fi films. It’s all looking stellar though and I can’t wait to get it out there. In case you stumbled upon this post and aren’t familiar with Citizen in the Temple, here’s the trailer…

There’s another big development coming regarding Citizen in the Temple but I can’t talk about it yet. Tease tease! Soon I will tell you all my secrets!

If you have any questions about the game or the movie, feel free to comment. Please check out the kickstarter and let me know what you think. Contribute if you can. Share it and I will love you. Thanks for reading this and I’ll catch you next time!

24 Hour B Movie Marathon

Imagine: you’re in a room with three other half-conscious, half intoxicated figures. All around you are DVD and VHS boxes and bottles of alcohol. Images of monsters, show girls and Sean Connery in a red diaper assault your senses. That is the briefest description of what it will be like at the 2nd annual B-Movie Marathon I’m attending on June 27th.

We return with a new host of B movie gems and we are going to stream the entire experience online at We will have a chatroom and a google hangout set up so people can join in on the fun (without the funky scent of four dudes in a hotel room). Watch the movies. Watch our crew try to make sense of it all. I guarantee we won’t be able to. We’ll also live tweet the movies. Fellow attendee Paul Brooks had this to say about the event:

Paul quote

Quite right. What movies are we showing? I thought you’d never ask…

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 4.54.37 PMSounds like fun right? Jump in the deep end with us. The water’s fine.

Thanks for reading this.

I Is Published.

Since November I had some work published in a couple books. Both are weird fiction/ Lovecraftian type things cuz hey, I’m weird fiction and this is a way for me to exercise my inner tentacles. The first was Cthulhu Haiku 2 and More Mythos Madness by Popcorn Press. This is a great compilation and it is $0.99 on Amazon. That is a ridiculous value if you’re into this kind of thing. Seriously. If you buy it and don’t like it, I’ll send you $1.00. I’ve got a handful of haiku in this one. Bam! I posed with my copy.

I also won a spot in the 2014 Lovecraftian Micro Fiction Contest Chapbook from Arkham Bazaar. My story is called The Youngling and I’m very proud of it. Here’s what that book looks like:

2014-05-12 07.34.33
You can pick this on up for $6.00 on Arkham Bazaar’s site. I don’t get the money. I just want you to read my story. It’s about a strange creature in a quiet, future Earth that stumbles across what may be the last human settlement.

Ok, gotta go. Lots to do. Thanks for reading!



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